Tournament rules

Darts Regulation Authority (DRA)

All events organized by PDC Nordic & Baltic are governed by the rules of Darts Regulation Authority (DRA). By entering any event or tournament, players commit to these rules.

The DRA Rules Book can be viewed at the DRA website

All entries for PDCNB events must be paid in advance of the deadline for the registration to be valid. Deadlines will be posted with the events.

Pro Tour Events


  • 08:30 Doors will open to players and their guests
  • 08:30 -10:00 Registration – any player not registered by 10:00 will not be be entered into the draw
  • 11:00 Toe The Oche
  • 19:00 (Approx) Play Concluded

As the draw for these events will be conducted on the day, all players must register on the day or they will not be included in the draw

Although players will be allowed to bring guests into the venue, should the Tournament Director deem that the playing area is too crowded players, guests or spectators may be asked to leave the playing area.  Please note that no-one wearing football shirts of any kind or children under 11 years old will be admitted.

 Prize Fund

Pro Tour events each have a prize fund of €5,000, split as follows:

  • 16 x 50 euro =     800 euro    Last 32
  • 8 x 125 euro =   1,000 euro    Last 16
  • 4 x 200 euro =     800 euro   Q F
  • 2 x 300 euro =     600 euro   S F
  • 1 x 600 euro =     600 euro   Runner-up
  • 1 x 1,200 euro =   1,200 euro   Winner

Prize monies will be paid by bank transfer.

Order of Merit / Ranking

Prize money won at any Pro Tour event will count as points on PDCNB ranking table. The table runs for one year and the top five players at the end of a season will recieve the following:

  1. Invitation to World Darts Championship, Free Q-school entry
  2. Invitation to World Darts Championship, Free Q-school entry
  3. Free Q-school entry
  4. Free Q-school entry
  5. Free Q-school entry

The PDCNB OoM is a seasonal table that will be reset at the start of each new season.


There will be 8 seeds at all events. The player on the left of the draw will throw first for the bull to determine who throws first in odd-numbered legs. Seedings at the events will be made according to the ranking on the PDCNB Order of Merit. Should two or more players have the same points at the OoM then the player who achieved the best recent result will be best ranked.


  • At Event 1 player 1 wins 1200 €, player 2 wins 600 €, player 3 wins nothing
  • At Event 2 player 3 wins 1200 €, player 2 wins 600 €, player 1 wins nothing

This will give all three players a total of 1200 € and the ranking on the OOM will be:

  1. Player 3 (best result in last event)
  2. Player 2 (second best result in last event)
  3. Player 1

Upon starting a new season the seedings for the first event will be based on the previous seasons final OoM placings.

Playing Format

The format is best of eleven legs throughout.

PDC Europe Tour qualification

For PDC Europe Tour Qual. registration opens approx 2 hrs before scheduled play and closes 1 hrs before scheduled play. The draw is made on the day by the tournament director and all players must register to be included in the draw.


Each PDC Europe Tour qualification offers the winner one invite to the corresponding ET event. Note that qualifiers must pay a 15€ PDPA Day Membership per event.

There will be no other prizes.


There will be no seeding for the European tour qualification events.

Playing Format

The format is best of eleven legs througout.


The draws will be made by the Tournament Director following the procedure agreed between the PDC and PDCNB and finalised at the deadline for registration on the day of each event.

Dress Code

Darts Regulation Authority rules and regulations will be in place for these tournaments, including dress code of: no jeans, trainers, t-shirts or shorts etc. Players are required to wear trousers, collared shirts and shoes – no training shoes allowed.


As these events do not have Volunteer Markers, the event will operate on a ‘loser marks’ basis. Additionally, the first game on each board will be marked by the last player drawn onto that board. PDCNB players who do not mark are subject to disciplinary action by the DRA.

At some events there will be a marker service available, but it is still the responsibility of the losing player.

Smoking & Drinking

Players are not permitted to smoke, or drink anything but water during play. This includes having a drink from the table behind you whilst your opponent is throwing or between legs. This rule must be strictly observed.


Should any player have any queries whatsoever about these events please contact the Tournament Director.