Event registration

To register for any event organized by Professional Darts Corporation Nordic & Baltic please use the following procedure

Send an email to registration@pdc-nordic.tv with a list of names/events for each player that wishes to enter. In the e-mail please note your preferred payment method

  1. Invoice (PDCNB will send you an invoice to be payed via creditcard or PayPal)
  2. Paypal or creditcard by using link below (remember to calculate the total prize)
  3. Bank transfer to the account listed below (remember to calculate the total prize)

Note! Registration is only valid when payment has been registered.

The price for registration is:

  • 30€ per player per PDCNB Pro Tour event
  • 60€ per player per qualification event

If there is any problems or questions contact registration@pdc-nordic.tv. Be aware that any registration is not valid before payment has been approved.

 PayPal or credit card

Click the button below

Enter name and amout and click continue

Choose either to

  1. log on to PayPal account or
  2. Pay with credit card

Complete the selected payment

Bank transfer

Bank Account Number (IBAN): DK7830003409336833
Bank Name: Danske Bank

Players transferring money from a danish bank account can use:

Registration number: 3409
Account Number: 11643620

Amount in DKK (1 € = 7.44 DKK)