Ally Pally-tickets will be decided today

It’s the last PDCNB Pro Tour today. Three guys can still go to the World Championship, but only two will.

Darius Labanauskas, Daniel Larsson and Marko Kantele are the only three, who still got a chance to qualify for the World Championship at Ally Pally.

Actually it is already secure, that Darius Labanasukas will go to Ally Pally for the first time in his carreer. If Darius should fall out of the top two, then Marko Kantele have to win the final and the opposition has to be Daniel Larsson, but the two of them, are in the same half, so they will, at best, meet each other in the semis.

So it is actually only Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson who will go up against each other, for a place at Ally Pally.

Daniel has the upper hand, because Marko Kantele has to win the final, to go past Daniel Larsson. Actually he can content on only making it to the final, but then Daniel Larsson has to get his worst result in this years PDCNB Pro Tour.

A victory in the final for Marko Kantele will give him 4850 points. If it actually ends up with Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson in the semis, then Daniel will only have 4525 points. If Marko loses the final, then he will only have 4250 points. So that will only be enough, if Daniel drops out in the first round, and therefore gets no points.

If you want to follo the drama, then remember, you can follow the matches on DartConnect, at this link:

Let’s hope for some action, right to the last. Game on.

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