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The last PDCNB-weekend is over and we know now, who will go to the World Championship.

The last weekend of the PDCNB Pro Tour has been held. It was a great weekend for Madars Razma and Daniel Larsson, who secured his first ever place at the World Championships.

The first tournament of the weekend, was the qualifier for the first European Tour-event in 2019. It was won by Madars Razma, who played with a fine average above 90 in both the semi-final and the final, which he won by 6-2 against Ulf Ceder.

Kim Viljanen won the next qualifier. He had a good run through the tournament, and especially his perfomance in the quarter-final was exceptional. With an averrage at 98 he beat Ægir Björnsson by 6-0. In the final he won by 6-2 against Cor Dekker, who also had a good weekend.

At saturday it was time for the first PDCNB Pro Tour-event. Marko Kanteles hope about the top two on the Order of Merit suffered a little crack, because Dennis Nilsson beat him already amongst the last 32. Kantele could then watch Darius Labanauskas and Daniel Larsson, who both got all the way to the quarter-finals.
Darius Labanauskas lost against Madars Razma, who got all the way to the final and ended up winning the whole thing. And impressive run for the latvian, who played with an average at 94,8 in the quarter-final, 97,5 in the semi-final and 93,4 in the final. Magnus Caris wa the man, who got beat by Madars Razma in the final.

Magnus Caris then got some redress in the qualifier for the European Tour 3. By beating Kim Viljanen, Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson, he got all the way to the final, in which be beat Ulf Ceder by 6-3.

At sunday the excitement was at its highest. Darius Labanuaskas was secured his first ever place in the World Championships, but Marko Kantele still had the opportunity to steal the second place from Daniel Larsson on the Order of Merit. To do so, he had to win the last PDCNB Pro Tour, unless Daniel Larsson got no points in the tournament. But Daniel Larsson got all the way to the quarter-finals before being beat, and therefore Marko Kantele had to win the tournament.
In the semi-final he beat Magnus Caris by 6-1 and then he was ready for the final against Madars Razma, who had shown some magnificent dart through the entire weekend.

Madars Razma quickly got up by 4-1, so it all seemed lost for Marko Kantele. But he did not give up and suddenly the score was 5-4 to Madars Razma. Marko then missed a 130-checkout at the bull. In general, the bull was not his friend in the final, he had also missed a 161- and a 167-checkout on the bull. After the missed bull for the 130-checkout, Marko Kantele missed a whole five darts for a checkout and the Madars Razma could the secure the win with a 14-checkout at Double Two.

The result meant that Daniel Larsson retained the second place at the Order of Merit and therefore, he will join Darius Labanauskas at the World Championships in Ally Pally, London.

You can see the winners of the weekend below:

  • European Tour qualification ET 1 – Madars Razma
  • European Tour qualification ET 2 – Kim Viljanen
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 9 – Madars Razma
  • European Tour qualification ET 3 – Magnus Caris
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 10 – Madars Razma

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